By the time you reach the end of the quiz and workbook, you will…
  •  Have uncovered some of your limiting (and untrue) beliefs that are holding you back. 
  •  Know what kind of entrepreneur you are and what level of support you need.  
  •  Begin discovering the power inside you and your mind.  
  •  Have learned one method of letting go of the limiting beliefs that do not serve you.  
  •  Have created a positively charged mantra to get you on your way to retraining your mind with positive truths.  

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And, if you're ready to flush out all the things that do not serve you in your life and create space to attract to you all that you desire and are worthy of so you can build your fabulous, successful business and create the life you want, I invite you to get my Release and Focus Exercise on the next page.

It’s a powerful fusion of prayer, the law of attraction, visualization, manifesting, journaling, gratitude, and breathing. And for a bonus, I’m throwing in a mantra and some affirmations.
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